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What is dreamwork?

Dreamwork can deepen and accelerate the process of therapy. Dreams can bring about important, personally meaningful information to the therapeutic process in a creative way. Dreamwork is also considered a safe way of working with trauma. You do not need to bring in an epic of a dream for the process to be meaningful - sometimes even just a sliver or glimmer of a dream will do. In Dreamwork sessions, you may expect:

  • When working with a recurring nightmare in session, to see a reduction in frequency or distress of nightmares, and reduction in PTSD symptoms

  • To be asked to re-experience the dream as you are telling it

  • To explore the setting, elements and the emotional landscape of the dream

  • To attend to bodily felt-senses that specific dream images or elements invoke to gain new information and strengthen existing inner resources that may help you carry forward

  • To derive new self-knowledge or insights

  • To find and utilize the inherent help found in all our dream processes

How often should I attend?

You may have as dreamwork sessions as often as you like, attend a single session to work on a specific dream or request to have a dreamwork session as part of your ongoing therapy. Sometimes, even a single dreamwork session focused on a recurring nightmare can help to reduce its frequency or eliminate it altogether. We recommend that you see dreamwork as an additional intervention to ongoing trauma-centred treatment. 

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